• Having certain influence in the world, XCon Information Security Conference is one of the most authoritative and famous information security conferences in China, and also one of the largest. Upholding rigorous work style , XCon has invited information security experts and fans, network security consultants from abroad and home for years. XCon commits to create a friendly, harmonious information security platform.
  • This summer, XCon2012 will come in time, and meet you in Beijing, the capital of China. Then, there will be many information security experts, scholars, researchers and related professionals who come from many different countries invited to present and give speeches. The meeting will involve application security, intrusion detection and forensic analysis, wireless and Voip security and security in emerging field. So if you have new technologies, new discoveries or successful experiences in some fields, welcome to XCon to share with us; If you want to stay abreast of the latest developments in this rapidly moving technological field, or want to learn something you never known, welcome to XCon to be with us!
  • Contributor sends e-mails to cfp@huayongxingan.com, please.
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